Festivities of Yule 

As we head towards the shortest day. Where the darkness rules over us. Know that from this day forward we are returning slowly to the light.  Use this magical time to reflect on the past year, what has worked for you and what hasn’t?  Think about how you want to move forward into the light.  What do you want to take with you; what do you want to leave behind?

It is a great time to clear out clutter which we no longer need.  It is also a great time for ritual and meditation.  I like to do a reading for myself at Yule.  On this darkest day I light incense and candles and then I chose either Tarot or Oracle Cards to read with.  I shuffle the chosen deck asking what will benefit me in the coming year, helping me toward the light.  I journal the card I draw and any impressions I receive from it.  After this, I then ground myself  and take on board some serious hygge  (a Danish concept of relaxation).  I curl on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and watch a favourite dvd.  Yule blessings to you all 


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