My sacred working space

Who says that our working space should be dull? Certainly not me. Here at my table is the centre of my operations, here I have my lap top and where I list my stock on my etsy store. It is where I  do my crafting,my readings and distance healing work for my etsy clients.

Therefore I need a focal point, something to help me connect with spirit, healing energy and the divine.  I have crystals here which resonate loving and healing energy with me, running water fountain for cleansing, aura room sprays for cleansing the atmosphere before and after spiritual work and a statue of the buddha and our lady of Guadeloupe to represent the god and goddess, yin and yang the balance of male and female energy.

This space blesses and sanctifies my working area. It makes it gentle and loving and brings a beautiful energy to my work space. 

I believe anyone can bring a touch of sacredness to their work space using anything which resonates with you. It will bring a positivity to your space and gentle and calming flow.


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